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Jining Hoolwa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, Is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on theresearch and development, production, sales, and service of industrial power sources, new energyelectric charging equipment, new energy storage systems, etc; Dedicated to providing complete chargingequipment, charging systems, and overall charging operation solutions for the new energy industry; Wehave established the corporate goal of making clean energy benefit everyone in the world.The company has signed a research and development cooperation agreement with Shandong University tojointly establish the "Power Semiconductor Innovation Application Center"and establish a key researchand development laboratory, It has undertaken national scientific and technological innovation projects,the National 863 Program, and national key research and development projects multiple times, and hasbeen awarded the title of "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New"enterprise in Shandong Province. Thecompany's products have been widely used in electric vehicles, electric forklifts, intelligent AGvs,electric high-altitude work platforms, electric handling vehicles, electric stackers, electric cleaningvehicles, electric floor scrubbers, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric ships, and electricexcavators ,in the fields of machinery, electric loaders, etc.The company's products have provided comprehensive lithium battery intelligent charging solutions andsupporting services to well-known enterprises such as Anhui Heli,XCMG,BYD, Longgong, Liugong, andSany; Our products are exported to multiple countries and regions such as Europe, America, the MiddleEast,and the Asia Pacific region.

Our photovoltaic modules uses independently developed "lightweight and high-strength materials" to replace the "bulky glass" in traditional photovoltaicmodules, reducing the weight of photovoltaic modules by more than 70%! Wehave developed the world's first flexible lightweight photovoltaic module thatis both bendable, hail-resistant, and waterproof. lt can be widely used inindustrial and commercial roofs with insufficient load-bearing capacity.warehousing and logistics parks, agricultural greenhouses, etc.!

The company adheres to the core business philosophy of "innovation leading, product pride", andsatisfies the needs of customers with a rigorous attitude, high-quality products and services. Thecompany never forgets its original intention,perseveres in independent innovation, continuouslyenhances its competitiveness, and strives to achieve a century old enterprise and establish a nationalbrand.

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